Monday, January 27, 2014


Amaztrator                                                            Amaztrator (1)

delus kidnor sem ki dun torem                   In the valley of Delus, the holy home of the people
terg hupneek jozneem puterg                    there was great shuddering of the ground
aktem vidor rajak millep truz                      strange sounds sang in the blowing winds
wug lisorg dokkal ojnook                           See anew the ancient monster

pellen frong ort spuv ki faz                       trembling without end and holy thoughts crumbling         
kaltazz sepingle treka graga fador            magnificence yet their assessment of the approaching beast
niju sramlak truz frong aktem                    Not alone afraid without end strange (2)

terg niju nilas trazz                                     there was not any time
terg niju nilas kerm                                     there was not any way
terg niju nilas gigonk                                 there was not any hope                                          
ort trong ki vongle                                     And cry out the holy word

palmethurasc                                                Extinction (3)

      crazjinx millazz                                               Crazjinx Millaz (4)                  

1) Amaztrator is probably the name of an ancient Leviathan.
2) The limitations of translation have been reached. I surmise, given that the word ‘holy’ is repeated no less than three times in the piece that some kind of spiritual or religious experience is being described.
3) Palmethurasc has many senses, for example: finality, destruction, annihilation, obliteration, extinction, a type of Ragnarök or doomsday. Since Crazjinx appears to have been a survivor himself or descended from the survivors it follows that this can’t have been doomsday, so I use ‘extinction’ instead.
4)  ‘Crazjinx Millaz’ is the name of the poet, historian or chronicler of this event.

My thanks to my friend George Peterson for bringing this ancient manuscript to my attention, and to Samantha Cook, head of the Exoplanet Archaeology Initiative for providing access to materials found on newly renamed Delos 5.

The moral right of the translator has been asserted. 

 This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


  1. Delos5 was scheduled for a hyperspace bypass. You mistranslated the memo. "Palmethurasc" is a Vogon phrase, much like "Yours sincerely".

  2. I believe you are mistaken but you'll have to take that up with Professor Emerson, who kindly gave his permission for me to upload a sample of his translation. Unfortunately, the professor is taking a much-needed and well-earned rest on an undisclosed tropical isle somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. I certainly won't disturb his vacation, so my Vogon-sympathiser, I suggest you re-read your Vogon phrase book with a new prescription for spectacles! Yours sincerely, RW.