Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gaudium corvus est

Crows are
long-memoried birds if you do them wrong.
Black, beautiful and large, famed as
rogues and bearers of the human soul
to its bourne.

Not a raven, rook or jackdaw here
in these lands appears, only
their white-bellied cousin,
whose raucous cries rend the skies
ever and anon.

Bewitching blackcurrant beauties,
friendly gothic companions; as a
new moon heralds fairies and magic happenings,
so are ye portentous.


  1. Perhaps it should read 'Gaudium corvum est' - Latin is tricky!
    What I want to say is: Happiness is a crow.
    Gaudium = joy, delight, happiness

  2. A crow is not for show,
    he's for hungry eyes
    and flying slow.