Monday, January 13, 2014

Daft ideas: Skyscoop

This apparatus is designed to get a lot of people out of a burning skyscraper or tall building should ladders or stairs be insufficient or unavailable. The heaviest part is at the back under cover (this could be the first aid station). The helicopter manoeuvres the scoop as close to the building side as possible, people walk onto the platform from an open window, let’s say, and move back to the heavier section making room for others to get on. Eventually, when full the helicopter lowers the people to the ground in a suitably open space, e.g. a football field. Perhaps ladders or tubes could be added to the back to get people off that way?

Still to be determined: The carrying capacity of the scoop, the helicopter or helicopters required to lift it. How maneuverable would this all be near buildings? Basically, would this be at all feasible and safe?

1 comment:

  1. Crazy idea is crazy! The best way to stabilize this thing would be to use bungee cords. :P

    (So dig the drawing.)