Monday, January 13, 2014

Daft ideas: Your shop too (YS2)

Imagine a physical space – a warehouse or shop in a mall – in which you could put your stuff on display for sale. You can put any price you want and you have 6 months (or less) in which to sell an item. If you don’t sell in 6 months then you forfeit your space to someone else, who will presumably set his price in the affordable range. Your items will be kept safely in the store with the best security the owner of the space can provide (or you could take your item/s home and bring them in at the weekend, for instance). Every seller gets a unique number (sticker on item) and account which is credited when a sale is made; less 5% which goes to the warehouse or shop owner to help pay for the rental of the space. That is the only cost incurred by the seller. The seller does not have to contribute towards the rental of the shop or warehouse.


  1. What if your stuff * does not sell and the shop has to close?

    * and many other's.