Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daft ideas: A way to save the planet

Beginning in January 2015, for all trips under 20km only electric vehicles are to be used. Electric trams, bicycles, arrangements whereby many people cycle one contraption are also permissible. Petrol or gas-driven vehicles may be used for longer trips...for the time being. Planes may still use jet fuel…for the time being. A year may not be enough time to build all the necessary infrastructure, e.g. stations on roads to recharge or replace depleted batteries, so perhaps the date for the changeover should be set for January 1, 2016? Still, we don’t want to delay too long.

Why not use golf carts for trips under a kilometer or two? If need be they can be modified. Imagine a golf cart engine with a Mini Cooper shell.

We need not wait for the fossil fuels to run out before we decide to give them up. If they do, we’ll probably resort to synthetic fuels. Why not break the addiction to fossil fuels (and synthetic petrol) now, go cold turkey – the withdrawal symptoms will be painful but the rewards are gargantuan: a planet fit for your descendants for thousands of years to come.

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