Monday, January 6, 2014


There was a fat kid from Brazil,
Who never stopped eating until
They had to wheel him about in a chair.
So, my fellow eaters beware
Lest you fall into the same kind of snare.

To lose weight you need to eat right and exercise regularly, right?
Eating right seems to involve having more fruit, veg and seafood (but aren’t there larger levels of mercury in fish?!)

Reduce salt intake and fat intake. Sugar appears to be the prime enemy, so
cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocs, ice cream are to be eaten on the rare occasion. Note: have sugar directly after meal to minimize damage to teeth.

Cheese to be eaten infrequently, milk (full cream or otherwise) in my opinion should be avoided entirely until you’ve lost weight and then introduced sparingly, if at all. I will allow myself milk with coffee or tea though, and I’ll have Ayeshire milk even if it makes me fat, so there!

Motto: More roughage, more water, a little less food or a moderate amount of food.

Exercise: walk-jog mostly, hit ball with baseball bat beforehand to warm up. Indoor cycle when it rains.

[Every BODY’s different so come up with your own plan to reduce weight. No doubt I’ve overlooked some important things.]

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  1. If you think of those as waves travelling down the body, they briefly give you swollen knees before really squeezing your toes in your slippers as they depart into the ground.

    Once there, they continue to travel. The fat waves may circle the core of the planet for many years, even decades and then they'll escape to the surface.

    Some unsuspecting Awesome will suddenly be struck by overly tight shoes. Before long they will have a stomach that wobbles.

    I think E=mc^2 covers this blight. Oh, "c" is cream.