Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Otherwise Questionnaire

Otherwise Questionnaire vs.2 (questions are posed in no particular order of importance)

1)       You have been very shy in your youth and may still be shy
2)       You would probably have been described as a nerd or geek at school and beyond school.
3)       You like ancient ruins and lost cities in the jungle.
4)       You like computer games.
5)       You like reading.
6)       You often use a dictionary.
7)       You are not overly fond of sports.
8)       You feel like an outsider.
9)       You are not a jock.
10)    You constantly think about girls.
11)    You constantly think about guys.
12)    You are into Science.
13)    You dig math.
14)    You are not a number – you are a free man!
15)    You spend an inordinate amount of time online.
16)    You have done some computer programming at some stage in your life.
17)    You were bullied at school.
18)    You were a bully.
19)    You are interested in SETI.
20)    You know what SETI stands for.
21)    You get bugged when people use 'your' and 'you're' incorrectly.
22)    You are a grammar hound.
23)    You sometimes misspell words.
24)    You're an ace speller.
25)    You dig Science Fiction movies.
26)    You dig Fantasy movies.
27)    You enjoy any well-made movie.
28)    You prefer SF to SCI-FI.
29)    You are introverted.
30)    You prefer to be alone than with people.
31)    You have a comic collection
32)    You have a graphic novel collection.
33)    You dig classical music.
34)    You dig rock.
35)    You dig 80s alternative rock music.
36)    You identify with hippies though you may or may not have been one.
37)    You are a university/college dropout.
38)    You wanted to be an astronaut.
39)    You agree that Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke are SF giants.
40)    You feel like a stranger in a strange land.
41)    You suffer from a chronic illness or two.
42)    You are deemed to be a hypochondriac by friends or family.
43)    You are slightly depressed.
44)    You are obsessive-compulsive to a degree.
45)    You suffer from mood swings.
46)    You know that 42 is a very important number (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).
47)    You dig Star Trek. ‘Spock, McCoy a.k.a. ‘’Bones’ and Kirk’ are old friends. Deforest Kelley has already passed away, and when Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner’s turn comes (hopefully never) – on those days you will mourn.
48)    You dig Star Wars, especially 'The Holy Trilogy'.
49)    You dig 'V', especially the original series.
50)    You dig 'Battlestar Galactica', esp. the original series.
51)    You dig ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’ (1979-1981 TV series)
52)    You dig 'The Six Million Dollar Man'
53)    You are a fan of Stargate SG-1.
54)    You like science fiction TV series.
55)    You dig blondes.
56)    You appreciate any attractive woman but you know it’s what’s inside that counts.
57)    You really dig an attractive intelligent kind woman.
58)    You really dig a handsome intelligent kind man.
59)    You have a job but it’s not mentally challenging or exciting.
60)    You are unemployed.
61)    You are employed part-time.
62)    You help around the house.
63)    You do 'useful work that suits your abilities' but you are not officially employed.
64)    You are not wealthy.
65)    You are not too poor.
66)    You dig nature.
67)    You dig art.
68)    You are still surprised regarding ‘multi-coloured antiquity’.
69)    You have written 'poetry'.
70)    You find life absurd.
71)    You never grew up.
72)    You are not into fashion or fancy watches.
73)    You are not into cars though you might have an aesthetic appreciation for some classic cars.
74)    You don't really want to have children.
75)    You don't want to have children.
76)    You want a million children.
77)    You are tolerant of other people's belief systems though you might not agree with them.
78)    You are not a racist.
79)    You hate dishonesty, lying, deception, cons.
80)    You dislike hypocrisy/ hypocrites.
81)    You are interested in 'gothic' things. You know goth stuff though you may not be one in terms of dress, piercings and tattoos.
82)    Piercings and tattoos put you off.
83)    You are romantic by nature.
84)    You are idealistic.
85)    You are impractical.
86)    You have written a short SF or Fantasy story.
87)    You have dabbled in zen. You don’t practice officially but you dig zen stories and koans, like this one: ‘If you go looking for the truth it is a speck of dust in your eye but if you want to see it, it is really before the eyes.’ [‘a speck of dust in your eye’ – you can’t see it but it always irritates you]
88)    You read up on Buddhism and other religions, philosophies.
89)    You read up on mysticism and mystics.
90)    You dig Shakespeare.
91)    You dig poetry and classical literature.
92)    You dig any well-written book.
93)    You have collected stamps.
94)    You walk, you jog, you cycle but you wouldn't be caught dead in a gym.
95)    You don't like politics or politicians.
96)    You don't like greedy corporations.
97)    You lament the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.
98)    You dig the ocean.
99)    You love stars, nebulae, galaxies - all the weird and wonderful things that make up our Cosmos.
100) You believe in saving the whales and dolphins.
101) You like crows and the movie 'The Crow' - the first one.
102) You know who Neil Gaiman is.
103) You agree that the Sandman rocks.
104) You enjoy Vertigo comics or comics in general.
105) You are a Batman fan.
106) You are a Superman fan.
107) You are a fan of the Flash.
108) You dig Wonder Woman.
109) You dig cartoons and cartoon strips.
110) You like sculptures.
111) You like toys, even as an adult.
112) You are fascinated by the possibility of alien life, especially intelligent aliens.
113) You value kindness.
114) You are allergic to selfish.
115) You dislike boasting, except when it's done in jest.
116) You love to laugh. ‘An introvert mathematician looks at his shoes while talking to you. An extrovert mathematician looks at your shoes.’ Bwah-ha-ha : )
117) You don't take things very seriously.
118) You are a sensitive person.
119) You are a serious person but you don’t take yourself too seriously.
120) You believe people should get married for love and companionship and never out of loneliness, convenience or for cash.
121) You look at people running around working and raising families, and you wonder: is that all there is? Is there nothing more?
122) You appreciate silence.
123) You hate clubs with all the drinking, smoking and posturing.
124) You love music.
125) You often adopt a passive role in relationships.
126) You last kissed romantically more than a decade ago.
127) You are in accord with: 'You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one.' John Lennon.
128) You have been thinking ever since you were able to think.
129) You appreciate the power of not-thinking.
130) You have read 'The Hobbit' at least twice and are probably going to reread it someday.

So, how did you score? How many questions did you answer in the affirmative? More than half, more than 70%? How ‘otherwise’ do you think you are?

To date, I know only of 3 people (all male, by the way) who could be classified as ‘otherwise’. To be ‘otherwise’ is to be or feel ‘different’. ‘Classification’ sounds very un-otherwise to me, you might say. Hey, you’re probably right – don’t take the questionnaire too seriously! I do think ‘birds of a feather flock together’ though.

A not-so-good example: a Goth appears different in the general population because he or she is interested in not-so-popular types of music and dresses in black (mostly) whereas the general population adheres to more-or-less the same fashion sense and is interested in the latest musical hits. A Goth is basically against or contrary to the mainstream. An otherwise individual is similar to a Goth but doesn’t like to stand out or draw attention to themselves.

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