Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Last day of life

If today were the last day of your life, what would you do?

1.        On the last day of my life I would let my friends and relations know how much I love them. (Eek!) I don’t think I’m going to implement that today.  Also, I would reach out in love to someone outside that circle.
2.        I would eat as much expensive chocolate as I wanted; I would buy 5 bottles of Maple Syrup and chug away.
3.        I would like to sample some of my favourite foods and drinks (e.g. sushi, chicken, turkey, pizza, fried eggs with tomato sauce, Dubliner and other well-matured cheeses, Burger King burgers, milkshakes, good-quality nougat, french fries, monkey gland burger at Spur, Frosties Blue Cream Soda and Root Beer.)
4.        I would listen to Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Vivaldi.
5.        I would do something, anything, no matter how small, to make the world a better place.
6.        I would do something a little more daring than usual to add spice to my life.
7.        I would get on with doing something on this list, and ask God to help me to implement things on it.
8.        I would say a prayer of thanks to God for this beautiful day. Thanks for all the good things. It’s true that I am supremely blessed and spoilt super-rotten!
9.        I would do my utmost with God’s grace to trust in him no matter what befalls me…that all will be well in the end, no matter what.
10.     I would say a prayer for someone who I think really needs it.
11.     I would try to remember to smile.
12.     I would take a deep breath and remember that the Buddha said all life is a breath.
13.     I would try to remember that this could be it – my last day. So, I would try and live as well as I could in this moment now or today.
14.     I would do something that I love to do, like reading, for example. Or watch a favourite film.
15.     I would look for an opportunity to spoil someone with something that they really like.
16.     I would share this with someone who might benefit from it. But I would not forward it to all and sundry. I would not delay the sending of it…too long : )
17.     I would do my utmost with God’s grace to forgive whoever needed to be forgiven.
18.     I would do something to add to my wisdom. If I were too old, sick or senile then there would be nothing for it but to carry on doing nothing or very little until the end. Perhaps, I would entertain Walt Disney’s solution to everlasting life.
19.     I would not worry about tomorrow. I would not worry about today. I would not worry about any of my ailments.
20.     I would with God’s help, give up all fear.

Now, that’s what I would do – what would you do?

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