Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our favourite 3 movies of all time in order of greatnesss

1. Joe vs. the Volcano (1990)
2. Groundhog Day (1993)
3. Coneheads (1993)


  1. I remember liking all three but I cannot recall any details. Groundhog day is a little clearer. I feel like I watched it an infinite number of times. I might even be trapped in it. I have not met any leading ladies who can break loops like that.

    Have I said any of this before? I don't recall those movies, but Conehead day feels familiar. I am sure I have escaped this volcano before. Didn't they try to sacrifice me to the lava god? I have no romantic unit in a short Hawaiian skirt who can hone my cone. Did I relate this at some date in the past? I see Groundhogs. Does my hat fit? This is all eerily deja vu ish. Could it be happened again?

    Phil. Phiiiiillllllll!

    Yes Beldar?

  2. You may need stronger medication! : O

  3. I think I might've said that before!!! *Twilight Zone* -theme music plays...