Friday, February 28, 2014

social misfit

I was watching Taboo USA on National Geographic channel.People who have by choice (to escape the hustle and bustle and stress of the top world) and no choice (poverty) live in flood tunnels of Las Vegas - dangerous but they call it home. And another guy who is a self-proclaimed non-materialistic 'nomad'. Youngish dude with dreadlocks and 'the look' who drifts from place to place, town to town, meets people from all walks of life, has slept on a thousand sofas etc. He has a cell phone to keep in contact with parents (who pay for the service). 10 years of this lifestyle. He says it doesn't lend itself to GF or wife but he may put down roots one day...and then again he might not.
Makes you and me look successful or something!
Or, what I'm really thinking: so many different kinds of people and ways to live in this world...we belong on some rainbow or scale. It's not simply us vs. the rest of the world. You get degrees of not being able to fit into normal society! ; )

A psychiatrist or psychologist in the episode, commented, saying that the young dude resembled more a 'trust fund brat' as opposed to a real messenger of change.

And I thought, 'Is there really any changing things in this world?' 
What can one person do? Some would say a lot, some would say very little. Random acts of kindness, perhaps? Aldous Huxley, a man after my own mind, said the only sure thing you can improve in this world is your self. I am inclined to agree. You wanta change the world: forget about the world, change yourself; perhaps the world will follow?

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