Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The right person?

 “When you meet your perfect other self, you’ll know it instantly.” [?]
“…who did not love but at first sight?” Shakespeare.
“When you meet the right person, you’ll know it – your heart will tell you.” [?]

“Doc: Looking at Marty with a weird grin on his face. Marty. It's 
impossible. The idea that I could fall in love at first sight? It's 
romantic nonsense. There's no scientific rationale to that.
Marty: Laughing. C'mon, Doc, it's not science. You meet the right girl, 
it just hits ya; it's like lightning.
Doc: Climbing a ladder on a giant machine he's made. Marty, please 
don't say that!
Marty: Calling out. That's the way it was for me and Jennifer. Man, we 
couldn't keep our eyes off each other! God, Jennifer, damn, I hope 
she's alright, Doc. I can't believe we just left her there on the 
[From the movie ‘Back to the Future III ’, ]

“You don’t attract what you want, you attract who you are.” [?]
“If you want to attract someone amazing you must become someone amazing.” [?]

“Stop looking for the right person and start being the right person.” [?]
“More important than marrying the right person is to be the right person.” [?]

“If you are unmarried do not look for a wife but if you get married, it is not a sin, it is better to marry than to burn with passion.” [New Testament]

“She likes the same things I do; she hates the same things I do. She laughs at my stupid jokes. I don’t have to censor myself around her.”
Chris Rock’s character in the movie ‘Down to Earth’ (2001) – I’m pretty sure my version quoted above is more accurate but I could be wrong.
The script has:
“It's not some girl. It's the girl. You got Heaven, but you don't got this. She's so fine. We like the same stuff. She laughs at my stupid jokes, and I don't have to censor myself.

i.e. She or he loves what you love and hates what you hate. You have similar values.

“The right one strengthens you, lifts you up and there is no anxiety or worry.” [?]

"If they don't phone you (or for that matter e-mail or text you) it's not because they love you."
(adapted from a reply to a letter in a DC comic - can't remember which one.]

“I love you because you love what I love.”
“She can be pretty provided she’s willing to forget it. She must be on the same wire intellectually, so that when you ring her up she responds – this is paradise!”
Elbert Hubbard.

“Beauty is plentiful, worth is rare.” [?]

“A handsome woman is a jewel; but a good woman is a treasure.’
Sheik Saadi , (Persian 1175-1291).

“Slowly, slowly catchee monkee!” [?]
“Do not reveal what you feel too soon.” [?]
“Play it cool, not creepy – no maniacal pursuing of common ground.” [my friend]
“If it works, it works.” [my cousin]
“When time comes to propose – take ‘em by surprise!” [my cousin]
“I never went out with her anyway.” [?] i.e. If she’s very obviously interested, ask her out – before it’s too late!

[ ? ] = I can’t remember where I encountered this quote or who the author is.

All you who yearn for the ‘one’ I hope you meet them soon : )

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