Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Playing in rivers of filth

There was a big square town made of shacks,
and the garbage that was thrown from a lot of them
collected like a river in a gully below the shack line.

Some children were playing near the refuse.
They caught sight of me from far away and they began waving.
I waved back. They did not approach me for I am a stranger.
I thought about giving them some money but
I couldn’t bring myself to walk down to them.

A crane was walking slowly down the gully.
I stopped and looked at it intently.
It stopped and seemed to be examining me. I advanced
a step or two, it walked a little further down.

Then my brother appeared from around a wall.
It was too much and the bird lifted itself off the ground
and slowly flew to a safe, high perch not too far away.

The ground began to tremble and shake.
There was a muffled sound of thunder but
there were no storm clouds, only blue skies.
The thunder was getting louder, I felt surges
of vibrations from the ground pulse up my legs.

Was this an earthquake? Where could we find shelter from it?
My brother looked as alarmed as I felt.
The shacks were rattling and didn’t look safe – all that corrugated iron
frightened me. But maybe it was a convoy of cars or motorcyclists
or something – explosions of dynamite or petrol?

I turned to look up the hill –
and saw a dinosaur!
The size and appearance stamped it as a sauropod of some kind.

The behemoth stopped abruptly,
seemed to catch sight of the shacks,
It made a trumpeting sound in alarm
and vanished before my eyes!
No one was ever going to believe us!


  1. It's sad that the believable thing is a river of filth.
    Nice post, keep it up.

  2. I was there, there was a dinosaur!