Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quasi-love vs Real Love

 “He is in love with an ideal, a creature of his own imagination, a child of air, an echo of his heart; and like a lily on a river floating, she floats upon the river of his thoughts.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

“Give me, instead of beauty’s bust, a tender heart, a loyal mind which with temptation I could trust, yet never linked with error find.”
George Darley (1795-1846)

“But a smooth and steadfast mind, gentle thoughts, and calm desires, hearts with equal love combined, kindle never-dying fires: where these are not, I despise lovely cheeks, or lips, or eyes.”
Thomas Carew (1596-1639)

“There is a love – it lasts a while, a one day’s flower – no more; opes in the sunshine of a smile, and shuts when storms come o’er. There is a love – it ever lasts, a shrub that’s always green; it blossoms in the stormy blasts, and decks the wintry scene!
 A shape, an eye, a well-turned foot may give the first its birth: this flowerlet has but little root, and asks but little earth. No scanty soil must true love find, its vigour to control; it roots itself upon the mind, and strikes into the soul.
Charles Neale (English, 19th century)

“A woman can take any man as a husband but a man must choose his wife carefully. All food is good to eat but some food is better than others...beautiful, kind and gentle in speech.” [Old Testament]

Choose someone who is ‘beautiful, kind and gentle in speech’. Beautiful enough because it’s what’s inside that counts. Above all else she must be kind.

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