Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Horror of MH-17:Gaza:The Lesson of Atlantis

“My friends, the time has come to bid our farewells! But know that the best memory I shall take from this Earth is that of your loyal, unwavering friendship. Tell the men of the surface that they are on the verge of a new era of marvellous possibilities, but that neither science nor victory by arms will ever bring them peace or true happiness as long as they don’t purge their hearts of the twin plagues of hatred and stupidity!... May the disaster that befell Atlantis be a warning to them!...”

said by the character, Prince Icarus on p. 61 of The Adventures of Blake & Mortimer: ‘Atlantis Mystery’ by Edgar P. Jacobs, published by Cinebook 2011.

Preachment: We need to get our priorities right. We need to value the inward over the outward. We need to value love, life and relationship over power, money, goods and territory.

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