Saturday, July 12, 2014

Answer to puzzle for 'd'

O noble reader, let not your spirits sag{gas in reverse), life’s a gas, the answer stares you in the face!
Noble gas.
First circle indicates 2 o'clock and 2nd one indicates 10 o'clock: 2 and 10.
Clue 1: The Emissaries story: gives you the 'magic numbers' of electron stability related to the Noble gases:
2 10 18 36 54 86 which are also the atomic numbers of Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon. From left to right that's what the circles represent. The colours I got from a wikipedia article on the Noble gases when they are made to incandesce. I selected what I thought was the most characteristic colour.
Clue 2: 19 fragments. 19th letter of the alphabet is an ‘S’. Now think, culturally-speaking of the significance of an ‘S’ and fragments from an exploded circle or sphere: The planet Krypton exploded into fragments; so yeah the 'S' was to make you think of Supes.The fourth circle could be seen as a depiction of the planet Krypton exploding.
Clue 3: In the land of Ig travel by zeppelin is a most hazardous undertaking. Far superior and safer airships can be found in the land of Nowb.

Ig+Nowb sounds  like ignoble. Ignoble would be Hydrogen gas used in airships (remember the Hindenburg disaster?). Helium was used subsequently because it's inert and not combustible like Hydrogen...very Noble of Helium wouldn't you say? In the Emissaries story the Queen says she'll never seek help from royalty (Nobles) again because they didn't lift a finger to help - they were inert!

By the elements!

Some of what 'd' had to say about the puzzle:

I had figured the 19 = S thing, but had no way to know if that was even
a valid pattern. The fragments do not resemble the Superman logo, more a
kind of map with streets.
I'm not sure how to communicate to you what is wrong with the puzzle.
There's not enough traction, the sense of motion from clue to clue.

The drawing came first. It was entirely opaque. Then came the story,
which - if essential - should have been in the drawing, or with it. Then
came a specific sequence of numbers, which only emerge from a specific
picking-out sequence from the story.

Then the Ig Nowb thing. Sheesh. After you explained it's "ignoble," I
can sort of see it, but only because you explained. I was on the notion
it was "Nowb+ig = Nowbig" as well as seeking meanings for Ig (some
fantasy element perhaps) and Now + b as well as acronyms and anagrams

It feels to me as if the weird free-fall has no end. There's no sense of
connecting dots because it's a sequence of puzzles on entirely different

I don't want to put a damper on or moan, I'm just trying to speak from
the trenches - while I don't know the answer - to give you insight into
what the tortured experiences! It might help you should you want to
devise another puzzle.


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