Friday, June 6, 2014

Small minds

There is a world peopled solely by dwarfs. We can call it Dwarfworld. The strange thing is they don’t call it that. On our world of average-sized humans, those of shorter stature and different appearance (e.g. large heads and small arms) are named dwarves and those whose arms and so forth are in proportion are called midgets. On this other planet there are individuals smaller than the average. What the humanoids on that planet call these smaller ones, I don’t know? In our Universe, it can be readily seen that stars and other cosmic bodies differ in size; so it is with sentient beings. Perhaps only on Earth are the smaller things deemed lesser; although it is a most ugly untruth.

Definitions (Earth Dictionary):
dwarf: an abnormally undersized person; pl. dwarfs or dwarves
midget: a dwarf whose skeleton and features are of normal proportions

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