Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Heaven from now on

Heaven can mean many things to many people. Heaven can be viewed as the ultimate in Happiness, Joy, Peace, Love, Understanding, Goodness, Kindness, Patience, Humility. Heaven is usually regarded as eternal. A kind of heaven to me is this: you get to do it all over again somehow, like going back in time; only this time whatever you did wrong, you do right. For example, the time you cowered and did not stand up for or comfort the taunted one – this time you do! The time you did some good – this time you do it to the nth degree, not a nova, supernova but a hypernova! Every mistake, omission – all the regrets undone. This time you do everything right – that would be heaven. Since this kind of do-over is probably never going to happen, at least in this dimension, we should learn from that chequered past and resolve to do our utmost to get it right from now on! Since we are fallible, we will not be 100% successful but by Gum, that shouldn’t stop us from trying our darndest!

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