Monday, May 12, 2014

gender equality

In 'Fit for Life' part 2 by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond we find: 'Women are intrinsically different and intrinsically equal.' When I first read that I liked it. I watched episode 8 of the current incarnation of Cosmos yesterday and highlighted were the contributions made by some women scientists in the male-dominated world of Harvard around the turn of the century. Our understanding of the stars is founded upon their hard work. One of the woman scientists - let me google her name (why didn't I remember it!) - : Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin; who had to endure the refusal or belittling of her thesis by a male professor.

A woman long ago told me though that making this statement that 'women are equal' is already something we shouldn't have to do. It's something that shouldn't be thought about or need to be stated explicitly. The colour blue is not equal to the colour red. Blue is blue and red is red. Women are women and men are men.


  1. Women are still oppressed; that they are equal cannot be said often enough. Do not stop. Nice post.

    Also, some men are not men and some women are not women. There are shades between. Sex and gender can differ within one's mind and body.

  2. yeah, I know there's a huge shade-range