Monday, May 12, 2014

Be flexible

No matter how organized we are or how structured our day is, things happen which throw the routine out of kilter.  Nothing ever goes according to plan. Life is messy and we have to roll with the punches, be flexible. Provided we don’t damn up the stream entirely stones and obstacles thrown into the water won’t halt its flow. Water will flow around, over and under obstacles. As Bruce Lee said, ‘Be like water.’

'There are no right angles in nature.'
Is this true? What about crystals?


  1. There are trillions of right-angles in nature since we and everything we make is all natural!

    Be flexible, is a good philosophy. I just hate that something unknown is inevitably coming, again, and I'll have to bend like an older and less flexible reed.

  2. Your body may get old but not necessarily your mind; although the mind does begin to fail. You gotta combat the habit-formation, the crusting, the set's difficult but you choose to be flexible and you've gotta work at it too, I guess.