Monday, October 6, 2014

One more

One more time around
song goes around and round and round
Springtime is here
little white flowers are out, little green buds are growing
sun goes around and down and comes back
moon gets fat and moon gets thin and then you don't see it anymore and then it comes back

The star patterns go round and down and then you don't see them for while, and then
when the season is right Orion comes back

The birds sing really early and play and work all day, then when it's dark they go into their nests,
and then early next morning the birds sing again

Ice cream van goes round the neighbourhood playing the same song you heard twenty years ago
joyful children shout and play, soon there'll be splashing in swimming pools (climate change permitting)

i type trivial stuff, i sit and type while the sun shines goldenly on green leaves

© copyright R.W. 2014.


  1. It all seems so permanent - but the effluvia of our joy is choking the joy of all our possible futures. Warming planet, warring planet. We have to leave our planet. Dammit.

  2. To leave our planet without having learnt how not to destroy it means we're doomed to doing the same thing to some other planet!